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Disclaimer Padstow Vintage Rally Committee reserves the right to change the programme, timing, or content without notice. 


dingle fingle

Welcome to the world famous Demon Drome Wall of Death. Home to death defying tricks and stunts performed on a vertical raceway! Watch daredevil riders perform the craziest of feats, inches from your very eyes as we bring you vintage thrills, chills and spills on the oldest surviving wall of death! Get lost in the nostalgia and allow your senses to indulge in the roar and smell of 1920's Indian motorcycles as the Demon Riders cheat gravity, risking life and limb for your pleasure. A show not to be missed!

Originating in the 1900's the sport of board track racing was very popular in the United States. Mile long raceways were constructed out of wood. Long straights and banked turns allowed riders to reach awesome speeds, fighting and risking everything for the win.

dingle fingle

After too many fatalities, the sport was banned. But the racers needed a new challenge, by eliminating the straights and making the wooden track 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground they started to entertain the public and a new attraction was born, ' The Wall of Death'.


Moto Stunts International Presents

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Motorcycle stunts include jumps and high speed moving ramp jumps, fire stunts, car stunts, quad crossover jumps and a large static car jump. The team performs large re stunts as a farewell on each performance with the use of pyrotechnics giving the show big bang and sure re success for their performance. Commentary and backing sounds by Tony and Brandon Baily complements this superb show. Fantastic non-stop entertainment and value for all the family. Tony’s team also provide entertainment no matter what the weather.

Proceeds of this ride goes to our charities

Stilt & Children Entertainers


Stilt Street Entertainers

Circus and Big Top


Circus Sensible will be delivering their two man Circus Shows, a feast of dubious circus spectacle, daring-do and sheer silliness. There will also be a chance for humans, young and old, to have a go at Juggling, Plate spinning, stilt walking and lots more.

Musical Ruth

musical ruth

Musical Ruth and The Amazing Magical Mobile Piano has performed at countless venues and events throughout the U.K and Europe. It's a totally unique mix and mingle act suitable for ages 9 to 90. It's fun, daft, and side splittingly funny.

Fire Artist's & Angle Grinder's

musical ruth

Specialists in choreographed fire and glow shows, as well as bespoke entertainment packages, we can ensure that your circus experience is one to remember.

We have a veritable feast of incendiary delights and delicious distractions on the menu. Our goal is to provide a little extra spice; That piquant flavour and special zing to give your event the edge.

All acts and artistes are hand picked and seasoned to perfection, having showcased globally at all manner of events. These highly skilled professionals perform at a premium standard in a wide range of props and skills, always combining experience, training, and their love for the art.


musical ruth

Elfic’s Juggling Show Hilarious…dynamic…spectacular! Shows of circus skills, madcap comedy and wicked one-liners, with audience participation, improvisation, mayhem and a little danger! Elfic combines elements of street entertainment and circus to create high energy, fast paced, award-winning entertainment. Audiences go on a roller coaster ride of fun and laughter, amazement and bewilderment. Is he an inept, bungling buffoon or a highly skilled, talented professional

Extreme Falconry

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Xtreme Falconry is a falconry bird of prey display team based in Dorset close to Devon and Somerset. We offer falconry courses in Kent, Surrey and Dorset with access to over 4,000 acres of Kent, Surrey and Dorset’s finest estates. Bird of prey displays are currently offered in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London, Hampshire, Dorset and further afield.

Whirl Wind Aircraft

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The first S 55 prototype new in November 1949 and was the first helicopter with a really usable large cabin which flew in all roles, both military and civil. Westland Aircraft Ltd acquired a licence to build the aircraft in which a number of modifications were made throughout the development of the Whirlwind such as adding an Havilland Gnome gas turbine engine. RAF squadron 22 was initially equipped with Westland Whirlwind HAR.2s until August 1962, these were later replaced by the Whirlwind HAR.10s from August 1962.

The squadron was based at RAF Thorney Island, the early Whirlwind suffered from low power which seriously reduced its lift capability during hot weather. One of its successes was the rescue of a family from a yacht that was caught in a severe storm in or around Portsmouth harbour. The three were rescued one at a time and the winch man, a mechanic, was obliged to wait on deck until all were lifted off. The yacht broke up shortly after he was removed The Whirlwind Har Mark 10 is now a purely civilian aircraft which has recently been refurbished (to be the lightest Whirlwind yet) and painted yellow, the colour of which it wore when flown with 22 squadron. The helicopter is now owned by Mr Andrew Whitehouse.

Dartmoor Hill Pony Display team

The Dartmoor Hill Pony Display Team is a youth run annual project from the Dartmoor based charity, Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony.

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This years display tells its audience the story of the Dartmoor Farmer through a jam-packed 30 minuets of Musical Rides, Racing, Jumping
through fire, charging and so much more! The purpose of this is not only for allowing the 29 children that are part of this loving family to
be having fun on ponies, but also for raising awareness of the Hill Pony and it's vastly changing ecological safety on Dartmoor.



Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony are dedicated to supporting all the ponies on Dartmoor. All the ponies have a value to the ecology of the moor, and are good enough even with a bit of white here of there. Shape or size is not important as long as they can do the job they have adapted to do; to graze and maintain the difficult moorland environment. Dartmoor Hill Ponies are the ones that still thrive on Dartmoor and are the inheritors of the harsh landscape that has shaped their genes. Unlike other organisations protecting the Dartmoor Ponies, we do not believe that a Dartmoor pony should it a breed standard of certain colours and shapes, decided in 1925. The hill ponies live on the moor and are bred for hardiness and temperament so they can survive and be managed and in turn, keep the moorland vegetation and habitats as they should be. For this reason, they are “true children's friends,” and the basis of many future competition animals and the perfect tool for looking after Dartmoor.


Visit us in the Country Side Corner

The Lamb National

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Since it's first introduction to the public in 2012 The Lamb National has become one of the most sought after arena acts. The brainchild of Bob Hogg and Tom Hogg renowned for their high class sheep dog displays who over the past 20 years has herded sheep, geese, ducks and his very famous cockerel Paxo at the shows all over Britain. Bob uses the natural hardiness, agility and intelligences of the Herdwick sheep to negotiate the obstacles using one of his sheepdogs to herd them around the course.

Choose your colours and place your
bets. This can be a great way to fund
raise for your local charities. Names
such as Red Ram and Sheargar add to
an amusing and lively commentary.
It has proven this to be a really
popular display!!!

Gates Open 10am Daily!